We’ve seen the phrase “love is not canceled” circulating during this time of stay-at-home orders and social distancing and we couldn’t agree with this sentiment more. It’s a weird time where the possibility of going back to what we knew as normal life is uncertain. And let’s face it, it’s likely that things will be different from here on out. One thing we know for sure is that love and commitment are more real and more important now than ever. Having the one person you love and trust more than anything in the world by your side through difficult and scary situations makes those challenges just a bit less overwhelming. You should look at this time as the ultimate relationship builder and not let COVID-19 stop you from telling your partner that what you two share is the real deal and you want to make it official. 

So how can you make your proposal special and personal when there’s a pandemic to consider?

We always say that your proposal should be a reflection of your relationship. Whether that means bringing in sentimental elements like a handwritten note or choosing a location that is unique to your relationship like your favorite date night spot. Take a few moments to think about what you love about your relationship and select a location that holds significance in your lives. Take a hike together, literally stop to smell the roses in a park, pause to breathe in fresh air and be together. Have a beer or glass of wine while appreciating being in that place together. It’s a moment for the two of you. Afterwards call your family and friends on FaceTime. 

We can document your proposal without actually being there too!

You’ve more than likely seen stories of people proposing in their living rooms and believe it or not, we can document that too. If you’d rather keep close to home, set up a FaceTime Screenshoot portrait session ‘just because’. Order in from your favorite takeout spot and have a date at home. It’s a great excuse to trade in your yoga pants for real clothes and feel a little bit of normalcy while simultaneously and sneakily having us at the ready to document your special moment. 

Some Outdoor Location Suggestions to Spark Ideas

No matter where you choose to be, there are still ways to get engaged while honoring social distancing measures. Just think, with everyone staying home more, there are less people out and about and more opportunities to have a public space largely to yourselves. We love that the DC area has so much variety to offer as a beautiful backdrop for your special moment. Let’s let love have a win. We’ve put together some location suggestions to hopefully spark ideas for your personalized, socially distanced, and safe surprise proposal. Check them out and then send us a message, we’re here to help you plan for your next happiest day!

*Please note that Maryland, Virginia, and DC each have their own rules in place for their respective lockdowns. As of the publishing date for this post, while Virginia and Maryland are planning to ease restrictions for non-essential business (which photography is) it is not permitted for photography sessions to be conducted in Washington, DC. Please make sure to check the rules for your location of choice.



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