People ask us all the time how to make their proposal unique to their relationship. The answer is both simple and a bit challenging. Think about your relationship and the person you want to propose to and include as many personal connections as possible. James’ proposal to Angie is the perfect example of how to make every moment of your marriage proposal into one that can only be yours.

While studying law in Washington, DC, Angie would frequently escape her studies to wander through the Phillips Collection to enjoy their selection of artwork. Since they both currently live in New Jersey, James decided that their next visit to DC, a place Angie considers to be her second home, had the perfect setting to make things official. It didn’t take any convincing to get Angie to agree to a stop at the gallery to see her favorite painting ‘Luncheon of the Boating Party’ by Renoir and a rainy day made it a no-brainer to pop in and spend some quality time with the masterpiece. Once they were safe and dry inside, with fresh macarons in hand, her favorite dessert, James knelt down and got the ‘yes’ he so carefully planned for.

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