Kismet. Allison and Liam were simply meant to be. Their delicate, simple gestures of love. A hand on the arm, an adoring glance, love in the subtle way that you don’t realize that you are expressing it. We were instantly captivated by these two truly genuine family-oriented souls.

They found a way to include personal touches everywhere. Lavender from her mother’s garden gracefully decorating the cake. Monograms and college mascots stitched into the hem of her wedding dress; a hand-me-down from her mother and a perfect fit for Allison without even one alteration. A personalized handkerchief gifted to Liam for the more emotional moments.

At the Goodstay Mansion, a cozy inn tucked in to lush tudor gardens, it was easy to forget that you were in the heart of Wilmington, Delaware. Liam’s Uncle George jovially officiated the ceremony under a bright summer sun surrounded by vibrant magnolia trees. Each of their siblings offered a reading. One filled with tears, another with laughter, and the last with a bit of improvisation. Like the fresh sea air, their love of sailing danced its way into their wedding, sealing their vows by tying a literal sailor’s knot.