The most common question after we got hitched has been “How is it being married?” I would never have assumed that anything would be different. Marriage to me is a commitment and one that I feel Greg and I made quite some time before we made it legal. Nothing changed, we didn’t have some Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde moment where one of us suddenly revealed our true colors. If anything marriage sparked a rejuvenation—two people finding themselves through one another, wading out of the daunting cycle of planning, working, and overwhelming list of things to do. Allowing ourselves to remember who we are, why we love, and what we love. Clarity emphasized by complete joy and pride to be joined with our chosen partner.  Most cynics will tell you that marriage is not a vacation, but I fully believe that it is an adventure.

New Zealand was a familiar place neither of us had ever been to before. It immediately felt like an old friend. Everywhere we went we were met with warm air, friendly faces, and immense beauty. To be surrounded by so much painterly, Tolkien embellished scenery only makes the idea of magic slightly more real. After 20 or so hours of traveling the culmination of a year of dreaming was finally realized. We had decided to plan our way through both islands, and ended up booking only a tiny house airbnb in the first city and a rental car to take us the rest of the way. Discovery adds to the magic and wonder of travel. I wouldn’t plan that trip more thoroughly if it was offered to me.

The anticipation of getting married doesn’t allow you to fathom how fast the first six months of being married goes by. At this milestone it feels good to think back, recollect our memories, and share with you a full post on our honeymoon in New Zealand.


It’s a humbling experience to be swallowed up in these landscapes. We need trips like this, breathtaking landscapes like this. It grounds you. It inspires you. There is a strong stance on nature preservation in NZ. Everyone was on board and I could see why. Places like this are examples of why we need to be mindful of our everyday choices. Walk or bike instead of drive. Use a reusable bag instead of paying a measly five cents for plastic. You simply can not put a monetary value on this kind of beauty.

NewZealand_-18CAPTIONNewZealand_-50Hitapa Bay Walkway to Te Whau Vineyards, Waiheke Island, Auckland, New Zealand.NewZealand_-19Hitapa Bay Walkway to Te Whau Vineyards, Waiheke Island, Auckland, New Zealand.NewZealand_-37NewZealand_-36NewZealand_-60
NewZealand_-51NewZealand_-20Hitapa Bay Walkway to Te Whau Vineyards, Waiheke Island, Auckland, New Zealand.NewZealand_-39



The air is fresher. The greens are greener. And the sky is full of stars we don’t see in the US. When we go back, the destinations will be different but I have no doubt the recipe will be the same. It’s now a bit of home that we hold on to—a familiarity in names that were once unfamiliar. Tekapo. Tongariro. Waiheke. Waitomo. Whitianga. We will see your beautiful faces again and you will add another spark to our already vibrant marriage. Cheers.