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One of the best parts about this profession is getting to also capture special moments for our family and friends. When Matt, one of my closest friends from college, reached out with the idea to propose to Mikelle on our upcoming camping trip at Letchworth State Park in New York, I was so excited because I knew we would pull off something amazing together. 

New York Proposal Photography

Matt and Mikelle are an incredible, fun and adventurous couple that Greg and I are fortunate to have stayed close with across many years and living several states, and sometimes countries away from each other. Whenever we get the chance, we plan trips together and in this instance we had already planned a camping trip in upstate NY when Matt mentioned that Mikelle had guessed his original proposal plan, and he needed to pivot. 

Thankfully, they are no strangers to being in front of our cameras so when we talked about bringing photo-ready clothes on a camping trip Mikelle wasn’t suspicious at all. The four of us spent a slow morning getting ready and then hiked to Lower Falls Bridge together, and while Mikelle was changing into her dress, Matt grabbed the ring. 

Some of my favorite shots from this session are actually before the proposal – with Matt boldly holding the box just behind his back while Mikelle was totally unaware! Finally, I asked Mikelle to face the mountain which was Matt’s queue to get down on one knee. Once he was set, I asked her to turn back around, and she got the surprise of her life! 

Mikelle just radiated joy as she saw Matt holding the ring. She laughed, and Matt joined her, staring at her in total awe. As they both soaked in the moment, Mikelle realized he hadn’t actually popped the question and prompted, “Are you going to ask me?” He said the four magic words, and Mikelle of course responded with a resounding “Yes!”

The engagement ring was gorgeous and extra special in that they had picked it out together from Trabert Goldsmiths in San Francisco. Mikelle opted for a rose gold band with baguette diamonds along the top and chose conflict-free and GIA-certified diamonds. 

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