A Romantic Late Summer Marriage Proposal on the National Mall

It was a gorgeous, warm September evening tucked along the National Mall. In a grove of towering trees, at the simple and beautiful Doric style marble dome of the DC War Memorial. We waited in anticipation for a stylishly dressed couple to appear around the bend, ascend the stairs, and share a moment that would be the catalyst for their future.

Having spent the beginning of their relationship long distance, Pratik came prepared with a photo book he created with images of highlights of their relationship. Xiti was in town to visit Pratik in between their many travels and before she returned to school. Looking to propose in a beautiful, intimate space that reflected the times they have spent together, Pratik picked the DC War Memorial because they had once huddled underneath the dome to escape the rain while walking along the Mall.

It was a romantic, fun, and comfortable moment for a stunning couple. They finished the evening with a walk along the serene, turquoise water of the reflecting pond and dancing along the walkways as they breathed in the fresh air. Finally cuddling up to watch the sunset along the tidal basin.