A Sensational Seattle Wedding

Sunshine, coastline, a pup and a quirky first dance

There’s always one thing, usually small, that will go wrong on your wedding day, but you shouldn’t sweat it. For Alex and Mike, it was the 1960 Rolls Royce that, as it was backing out of their driveway, got a flat tire. Fixing a white-wall on a car as rare as this one proved to be a longer process than time permitted so Alex’s kind neighbor stepped in providing her with her very own white chariot fit for a queen (aka Nissan). The delayed start to the ceremony was quickly forgotten amongst the comfort and support of close family and friends, loving licks from their doggo Maxine, and the gorgeous view of the coastline at Discovery Park in Seattle, Washington. Laughter as abundant as the great music—the groom, Mike, even played the drums for a few songs. Alex and Mike busted out quirky ballerina dance moves to a version of ‘Time After Time’ for their first dance with a mixture of tenderness and personality that put most other first dances to shame. Their guests feasted on oven-fired pizza and craft beer. Finishing the meal with a cake lovingly made by a dear friend and topped with a tiny Darwin and his dinosaur buddy. We’ve got nothing but love for these two.

(And oh yes, with some friendly, but firm threats from the best man the Rolls got fixed just in time for a cruise through the city. Cheers!)