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Our Philosophy

Engagement sessions are the bee’s knees. It’s a perfect time to capture this special moment in your lives. These sessions give us the opportunity to get to know one another and for you to see how we work. When you are your most comfortable in front of our cameras your personalities radiate through every image. We encourage our couples to think creatively, get nerdy, and embrace who you are together.


Making You Comfortable

A lot of our couples are worried about looking and feeling uncomfortable in front of the camera. Our approach is this: These photos are for you two, not us, so we will be asking you questions and providing you with direction to interact with one another. We'll be clicking away but it's more about creating an atmosphere for you two to share some sweet thoughts and laughable moments.


• What do I wear?

Hints of bold colors like red, blue or yellow are sure-fire ways to make you stand out in any given scene. Stick to solid colors unless patterns are your life. After you book with us we have some more tips to give and would love to collaborate on the styling of your session. 

• Can I change outfits mid-session?

Of course! We even have a popup changing booth if there isn't a good spot nearby to change. Just give us a heads up to make sure we bring it.

• What day of the week can we schedule our session?

Sundays and Mondays are best. Tuesdays through Thursdays are the next best.

• What time of day do you recommend?

Sunrise! For real. The majority of our engagement sessions happen on or around sunrise. The light is just perfect and will portray you at your best.

• What location should we choose?

Choose a spot that reflects you as a couple. If you love hiking, count us in. If you have a favorite neighborhood, we'll meet you there. Wine country? Awesome. If you pick a location where you know you'll be comfortable, it'll reflect in your photos.

• I want to use photos for our save-the-dates, when should we have our session?

Try to plan your session at least 7 months before your big day. It'll give us a few weeks to edit your photos and you'll be able to send out your save-the-dates around the 6 month mark. Plenty of time to make sure your favorite Uncle Bert and Aunt Jan can make it to your wedding.

Wedding package not required

Smiles, however, are required

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