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Earned her BFA in Photojournalism from Corcoran College of Art + Design. Overly enthusiastic about homemade popcorn. Moonlights as a redhead.



Graphic Designer by trade. Avid homebrewer of beer. Known for making the perfect boxed brownies. Buffalo, NY native. Smart enough to offer a ring to Lindsay.



Official office mascot and fur-child. Border Collie mix. High on energy and pro seat-stealer. Enjoys chewing seat belts. Rescued through Operation Paws for Homes.

Our story began with adventure

We are passionate and creative individuals who have a serious soft spot for fresh air and new places. Day-hikes? Check. Backcountry canoe trips? For sure. 6 hour hikes up an epic mountain? That’s how we got engaged. Marriage is an adventure and one we fully endorse embarking on.

We appreciate the kind of relationships that fill a room with smiles and laughter. And we’re talking about that genuine kind of laughter that makes your cheeks hurt and your eyes water. We believe that images have the unique ability to bring back a single moment in life just when you need it the most. We are always planning our next adventure, we’d love for your story to be on our list.

This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. And we’re so glad that you found us!

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